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Last Updated: May 25, 2018

At Songline, we strive to provide you with an outstanding user experience and this may require us to access to your personal data. This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use, and process your information in connection with your use of the Songline Application (“Application”) and related services.

The Personal Information We Collect

1.     Information You Provide To Sign Up For Songline

When you sign up for an account with Songline and use the Application, we collect certain personal data. The personal data that we collect depends on whether you sign up for Songline using an email account or a Third Party Service, such as Facebook. If you sign up using an email address, we collect your full name and email address at the time of creating an account. If you choose to sign up using a Third Party Service such as Facebook, we will receive personal data via that Third Party Service that might include your full name, current city, and profile photo. You can stop linking your Songline account to a Third Party Service by changing your preferences on the Third Party Service.

2.     Information You Choose To Give Us

Once on the Songline Application, you have the option to provide additional personal information by building out your profile, creating content on the Application, engaging with the Application, and choosing additional features to enhance your user experience.

Profile: You have the option to personalize your Songline profile by adding your hometown, a description or biography, and a profile picture, in addition to your name. We will collect this personal data, if provided. This information is part of your public profile and visible to all users on the Application.

Content Creation: You may choose to create content that may include personal data that Songline will access and collect. For example you have the option to create travel guides for particular locations that may include lists of places, descriptions or reviews for particular places, images, notes, maps and other information. These location guides are public and visible to all users on the Songline Application. You have the option to make a guide for a particular location private in the settings for that guide. For private guides, Songline will have access to any related personal information, but it will not be visible to other users. Additionally, each time you add, delete or amend a location guide, we will have access to this data.

Usage Of the App: You may choose to use different features across the Application in which case we may have data about which screens you visited, which guides you viewed or liked, and other user activity.

Interactions With Other Users: If you choose to interact with other users, we may have access to personal data about your interactions. For example, if you request or share recommendations we may have access to personal data associated with these exchanges.

Changes or Requests: You may provide personal information when you choose to make changes to your account or interact with Songline. We may collect this data.

3.     Information You Must Provide Consent Before Sharing

In order to provide you with an enhanced Songline experience, you will have the option to provide permission for us to access and collect additional personal data from your mobile device or a Third Party. You will have the option to revoke permission at any point by changing your settings on your personal device.

Photographs: You have the option to grant Songline permission to access your photos and camera on your mobile device. We will only access and collect images, and related metadata such as file type, that you choose to post to the Songline Application.

Location: You have the option to grant Songline permission to access your precise location when using the Application in order to provide an enhanced user experience. If we are granted permission to access your location, we will use your location to display your distance from places listed in the Application and to assist with navigation. We do not store your location data or track your location when you are not using the Application. You must give consent for Songline to access your location information and you have the option to disable use of location services at any point from the settings menu on your device.

Contacts: You have the option to grant Songline permission to access your contact list on your mobile device in order to enhance your Songline experience. For example, you may use your contact list to see which friends are on the Application and to make it easier to send requests to friends. Songline will display your list of contacts in the Application, but does not store the data.

Facebook Friends: You have the option to grant Songline permission to access your list of friends on Facebook, a Third Party Service, in order to help find friends who are other users on the Songline Application. Songline will display your list of friends in the Application, but does not store this data.

Invitations: Songline users may choose to invite friends to join the Application using their friends’ email addresses. We may store your friend’s email address for the limited purpose of connecting you and your friend on the Application should your friend decide to become a Songline user.

4.     Additional Information We May Collect

When you use Songline, we may collect information in order to enhance your experience on the Application or monitor and improve the overall functionality of the Application. The personal data we may collect may include personal data about your use of the Songline platform, including pages that you view. We also collect technical data including log data, device information, geographical data, crash analytics data and other technical data that helps us assess and maintain the performance of the Application.

How We Use The Information We Collect

Songline uses, stores and processes the following personal information about you in performance of a contract, in compliance with legal obligations, with a legitimate interest, or with your consent. We use your personal data in the following ways:

  • To provide, customize and enhance your songline user experience, which includes creating an account, browsing or creating content, or interacting with other users;

  • To ensure that the Application is functioning properly from a technical perspective;

  • To ensure that the Application is not being misused by users or external entities;

  • To safeguard the Songline community and technology from internal or external concerns;

  • To communicate with you and other users about features, content and notable developments; and

  • To send you marketing or advertising information that might be relevant to you. Please note that you have the option to opt out of all email marketing campaigns.

How We Share Your Information

1.     Information on Songline

In certain circumstances, you may share your personal information on the Application. If you choose to use the platform, some information you share will be available to all Songline users.  If you sign up for the Application, you create a profile that may include your name, biography or description, current city, profile picture, list of public guides, list of people you follow or list of people who follow you on the Application. Your profile is public and visible to all users on the Application.

Additionally, you may share personal data about your activity on Songline with your followers on the Songline Application and the Songline user community more broadly. For example, if you create a location guide, the guide will be visible to all other users on the Songline Application. When you make modifications to your location guide, such changes may be visible to other users. You can make individual location guides private at any point via the settings in the guide. When you share a location guide with another user or via a Third Party Platform, the information included such as places, descriptions and images might be shared.

When you submit a request for recommendations, certain information about you is shared with the recipient including your full name, image and message.

When you share recommendations or location guides with or request recommendations from other users, this activity and the shared content may be visible to other users on the Application.

2.     Third Party Service Providers  

Songline uses Third Party Service Providers that include, but are not limited to software tools, analytic tools, and customer service and marketing platforms. Songline must share your personal information in order to operate the Application. These Third Party Service Providers might be located in the United States or elsewhere.

3.     Compliance With the Law and Protecting Songline, Its Users and Others   

Songline may disclose your personal information in order to comply with the law or if reasonably necessary to fulfill our legal obligations or protect the rights and best interests of Songline, its employees, users, or the public.

4.     Business Transfers

If Songline is involved with any merger, acquisition, sale, bankruptcy or insolvency, we may sell, transfer or share our assets, which may include your personal information.

Third Party Integrations

Songline may contain links to Third Party websites or services. Songline does not own or control these Third Parties and when you interact with these entities you are providing information directly to the Third Party, Songline, or both. We are not responsible for the privacy policies and content of these Third Parties. These Third Parties have their own separate privacy policies and rules for you to review and consider when it comes to your personal data.

Your Rights

Depending on your jurisdiction, you are entitled to certain rights with respect to your personal data under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You can exercise these rights by emailing us at

Access To Your Information: You have the right to request access to your personal information on Songline. You may have access to some of this information in your account settings. You are responsible for maintaining your personal information. If you connected to Songline via a Third Party Service such as Facebook, you can revoke access to this Third Party by changing your settings on the Third Party Service.  

Rectification Of Your Personal Information: You have the right to ask Songline to correct your personal information that is either inaccurate or incomplete.

Data Portability: You may be entitled to request a copy of your personal information held by Songline and the right to transmit your personal data for use by another party’s service.

Data Erasure:  You have the right to request that Songline erase your personal data and delete your account. In general, Songline retains personal information for the time period that you use the Application and to fulfill any legal obligations. Please note that if you do request that Songline delete your data, we may retain some personal information for important business interests, safety concerns or legal reasons. While we will remove your profile and location guides, some information you have provided may remain visible to some users.  Furthermore, we back up the platform to protect against any data loss and residual copies of your personal information may still be visible on these backup platforms.

Withdrawing Consent:  In instances where you previously provided consent to Songline to process your information, you have the right to limit or withdraw your consent at any time. This will not impact the lawfulness of the collecting and processing of your data before you withdrew your consent.

Objection to Processing:  You may have the right to request that Songline stop processing some or all of your personal information for specific purposes at a time when processing this data was legitimate. Songline will stop processing your personal information in these instances unless Songline is required to continue processing this data for legal reasons.

Complaints: You have the right to lodge complaints about data processing carried out by Songline before the relevant body.

Global Reach

Songline may transfer, store and process your personal information with third parties and service providers in North America, Asia, Europe and elsewhere where laws may different from your Country of Residence.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Songline reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. If we make changes to the Privacy Policy, we will modify the last updated date. If you do not agree with the new Privacy Policy, you may cancel your account. If you do not cancel your account, your continued access to Songline will fall under the updated Privacy Policy.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or complaints about this Privacy Policy, you can email is at


Last Updated: This Privacy Policy was last updated on May 25, 2018.